Violet Crown Spirits

Makers of Texas’ first home-grown, award-winning, absinthe

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An award-winning green absinthe, first to be made in the state of Texas. Thirteen herbs and spices including anise, fennel, grand wormwood, hyssop, cardamom, and peppermint create a creamy mouthfeel with notes of licorice and green pepper and a sweetness reminiscent of golden raisins. On the nose, grassy notes overtop the hearty licorice base which when louched opens to honeysuckle, meadowsweet, and fresh cut hay.

140 Proof | 70% ABV | 750 mL

Midnight Marigold

Esteemed Austin cocktail bar Midnight Cowboy collaborated with us to create their distinctive house amaro. Bright foral and honeyed citrus on the nose, this boldly bitter and softly sweet liqueur delivers a gentle herbaceous bite of spice with savory coriander and caraway, soft earthy turmeric and subtle marigold fower with a candied ginger and rye bread fnish

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VCS jasmin boarder

Jasmine Liqueur

Jasminum officinale, also known as Poet’s Jasmine, has been the scent of romance since ancient times. It thrives today on lattices in gardens all throughout Texas and parts near and far. It imparts its delicate flavor in the first of our liqueur line.

Elderflower Liqueur

Elderflower grows native in Europe and North America. Don’t let the rouge fool you. Elderberry juice is quite flavorful, but at 3% it’s purely for color. The gorgeous floral bouquet is all flower essence, except for a bit of lemon for the citrus note. At 20% ABV and 30% sugar, it’s a light delight.

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