Helping Hands

When all our friends in the bars and restaurants were forced to close their doors, we thought we were likewise doomed. After three years of being in business, we were on track to finally turn a profit this year. Our products are in retail outlets, sure, but we have focused so much of our efforts […]

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Flor de Muertos

Austin bartenders and a gathering of festive onlookers convened Monday October 28th at Bar 508 to make cocktails before a panel of judges in the spirit of the Dia de los Muertos holiday. Eva Fleming (June’s All Day), Sam Abdelfattah (Midnight Cowboy), Holly Coleman (The Tigress), Kelsey Caudebec (The Tigress) and Drew Jerdan (Midnight Cowboy)

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Stay Marigold

As a songwriter, Jessica Leigh Graves has always appreciated that art created in collaboration can reach levels that an individual doesn’t always reach on their own. Songwriting and intoxicology have a lot in common, it turns out. Flair and creativity, drama and entertainment, the creation of a singular experience by the performer for the audience,

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Respect your Elders

Elderflowers grow wild all over Europe and the Americas. When Harry married Megan, the royal wedding cake was lemon and elderflower. In Englad you’ll also find that the big clusters of small flowers are plucked by their stems, dipped and fried for elderflower fritters. Though some elderflowers are pink, mostly they’re white blossoms, a lack

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Jazzing It Up

That’s right, folks. We have officially released product number two. It’s a blend of green and black jasmine teas with a hint of orange for the citrus note, with only 20% grain neutral spirit and 20% cane sugar. We are quite proud of this product, and it’s already making its way onto shelves in retail

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Freiburg Absinthe Fest

Saturday, April 29th, 2018, the little neighborhood deli just off the train station in Freiburg, Germany had its tables rearranged and draped in green tablecloths. Over the course of seven hours, hundreds of people walked through and tasted absinthes made in Switzerland, France, Germany, and Texas. Most of the presentations were delivered in German, but

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