Respect your Elders

Elderflowers grow wild all over Europe and the Americas. When Harry married Megan, the royal wedding cake was lemon and elderflower. In Englad you’ll also find that the big clusters of small flowers are plucked by their stems, dipped and fried for elderflower fritters. Though some elderflowers are pink, mostly they’re white blossoms, a lack of color which scarcely belie the bodacious, juicy, tropical flavors that the flowers impart. By contrast, the berries of the elderflower plant are packed with color, but barely any flavor at all. In fact, the 3% elderberry juice that goes into our Elderflower Liqueur doesn’t change the taste one iota. Believe us, we extensively blind tasted it with and without. Honey yellow or bright magenta, it tastes exactly the same. And who doesn’t love a pink drink?

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